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Managing Sickness Absence Pack

Know what you need to do when sickness absence becomes a problem

Sickness absence is a fact of life but when periods of absence are prolonged the effects can be damaging to both the employer and employee. Most employers want to ensure that their staff remain healthy, happy and productive but when this is not the case, the sooner action is taken the better it is for all parties involved.

Many managers feel unsure about how they should approach employee absence and are not confident in having an open and honest discussion with the employee involved. This pack provides a structured approach and ensures that sickness absence is handled in a manner that meets both your firm's rights and responsibilities.

The Sickness Absence Pack includes:

  • Guidance Notes
  • Policy Document Template
  • 2 Process Flowcharts (to cover both long and short-term absence)
  • 42 Template Letters
  • 3 Additional Support Forms

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