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Legal HR Software

How can we make sure we hire the best candidate?

How do I deal with someone who is constantly late for work?

We need to make redundancies and want to do it fairly.

Can we replace someone who is on maternity leave?

Everything you need to stay on the right side of employment law !

In addition to meeting the obligations of their role, most people managers must also be able to handle potentially difficult staff issues appropriately and in full compliance with employment legislation.

Failure to meet these responsibilities can lead to an employment tribunal claim and the loss of both resources and productivity. The vast majority of companies who lose a tribunal claim do so because they have failed to follow a recognised ‘best practice’ procedure.

Just 4 simple steps can protect your business, your managers and your employees:

  1. Ensure that comprehensive HR policies and procedures are in place and that all staff clearly understand what is expected of them.
  2. Resolve any disputes quickly and informally before issues escalate to a point where a formal procedure is required.
  3. Support employees by having clear, easy-to-follow written procedures that explain how to proceed when issues need to be dealt with formally.
  4. Devise a method that certifies procedures are followed consistently in every instance

Oyez’s Legal HR software package can help your business handle even the most demanding HR processes successfully. Each one guides you smoothly, step-by-step through the procedure and provides the security of a fully compliant outcome.

All of the forms, policy documents,  guidance notes,and template letters you will require are included in each pack. They are practical, easy-to-use and appropriate for use by both HR and non-HR specialists alike.


  • Time & Attendance (10 forms + 1 policy)
  • Recruitment (16 forms + 1 policy)
  • Maternity & Statutory Leave (6 forms)
  • Performance Appraisal (5 forms)
  • Policy Documents (10 policy templates)
  • Contracts of Employment (2 contract templates, 3 forms + guidance notes)
  • Managing Sickness Absence Procedure Pack (3 forms, 2 process flowcharts, 1 policy template, 42 letter templates + guidance notes)
  • Disciplinary Process Pack (1 policy template, 34 letter templates, process flowchart + guidance notes)
  • Grievance Procedure Pack (4 forms, 1 policy template, 23 letter templates, procedure flowchart + guidance notes)
  • Redundancy Guidance Pack (20 letter templates, 1 policy template, process flowchart + guidance notes)


Familiar, easy-to-use Word format documents

  • Unlimited field expansion so you can include as much information as you need
  • Easy personalisation options that allow you to display your corporate branding
  • Fast and convenient forms saving and sharing

The on-going protection of our Editorial Team

Our editorial panel is made up of a team of HR and legal professionals. Whenever legislation changes they ensure that all of our HR forms and documents are updated and fully compliant. When forms are updated, you’ll receive an email to let you know there is a new form version for you to use.

We promise that you can always rely on our products to provide a professional, accurate and effective approach to HR.

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