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Legal HR

Deal efficiently with challenging HR processes

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Attendance Record Cards

Deal quickly with attendance issues

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Professional Solutions for HR Management

Helping your business navigate the minefield of employment law

This cost-effective range of products allows both HR professionals and people   managers to deal efficiently with even the most challenging of HR processes in an easy, logical and fully compliant manner.

With forms developed from more than 70 years in the business, and with 1000’s of loyal UK customers, we are the true experts when it comes to developing products that support your management processes.

Employment legislation changes constantly. To ensure you don’t fall behind or end up on the wrong side of the law, all of the products in our range are continually monitored and updated as required by an editorial team of legal and HR specialists.

All of our forms are now provided in flexible, easy to personalise Word Format. You can always rely on our products to provide the professional, accurate and effective approach to HR.


Delivering HR to Non-desk Employees

Delivering HR to Non-desk Employees

It can be difficult to provide required HR information & documents to employees who do not have access to their own work computer. At Oyez HR we understand that non-desk workers are an integral part of a vast range of organisations including education, health care, hospitality, food, retail, warehousing and delivery firms. We’re here to help.

Considering the legal obligations of compliance, it is crucial that firms communicate consistently to keep each member of staff up-to-date and informed about what is expected of them. It is also necessary to provide the tools that employees require to ensure adherence to company policies and procedures.

We developed our easy-to-use Legal HR software package to allow you to fulfil these obligations.

Legal HR contains all of the forms, policies, contracts of employment, flowcharts, letters and guidance notes you need. Loaded onto one central pc it allows easy sharing of required documents (in Word format) by email or in hard copy.

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